About Benico, Ltd.

Employee Benefits Advice – Benico, Ltd.

Benico, Ltd., an Alera Group Company, provides advice to private companies, public sector employers, and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes as such relates to the design, risk management, communication, and enrollment of their health and welfare and qualified retirement plans. The firm also helps its clients become and stay compliant with the federal and state laws and regulations that govern the operations of such plans.

“As financial services professionals we are committed to developing long term relationships with our clients for the purpose of becoming a valuable resource, to help them make more informed decisions about their insurance and employee benefits. In all of our professional relationships we pledge ourselves to the following rule of ethical conduct…We shall, in the light of all conditions surrounding those we serve, make every conscientious effort to ascertain and understand, render advice which, in the same circumstances, we would apply to ourselves.”

Our Benefits Clients

Benico, Ltd.’s client profiles are varied. We provide a wide range of insurance and employee benefit products and services to individual consumers, retirees, practice professionals, the self-employed, and owners and managers of businesses.

Our business is one that’s centered on relationships, and in this regard it is our firmly held belief that our most valuable clients are the ones we are already professionally engaged with. Our clients buy products and services from us because they trust our advice and know we care about them, and we do not take this trust lightly.

Our History

Benico, Ltd. was founded in September 1981 by John & Pam Garven. Prior to Benico’s incorporation on April 6, 1983, the Garvens operated their business under a DBA of The Greater Northern Illinois Group.

John and Pam, who were both born and raised in Lake County, Illinois, moved their firm’s offices from Waukegan to Arlington Heights in March of 1983. From 1983-1990 Benico was associated with a commercial property & casualty firm known as Assurance Agency, and it was there that John was instrumental in starting up that firm’s employee benefits practice from scratch.

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